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Five Tips for Finding Cheaper Medications

Are you looking for ways to reduce your medication costs? Check out these five ideas on how to save on prescription drug costs:

1. Ask your healthcare provider to prescribe, where possible, generic medications from a pharmacy's low-cost formulary. For example, you can pay as little as $10 for 30-days worth of generic medications at Walmart, without insurance. See:$4-prescriptions/1078664 Other pharmacies include: CVS: Walgreens:…/PSCBrochure-English-20180628.pdf Costco:…

It is best to print the list from your preferred pharmacy and share it with your healthcare provider for a quick reference before he/she prescribes to you.

2. Ask a relative or your healthcare provider to assist you in signing up for Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) that are affiliated with pharmaceutical companies. Qualifying patients can get monthly supplies of their medications free of cost. For more information see: and…

3. Use a discount card or medication coupons and rebates. These are quite common now and are available at healthcare provider offices. You can use the cards without signing up for a membership or you can get the membership for deeper discounts. Some of the most commonly accepted ones include: GoodRx: Blink Health:

4. Ask your healthcare provider to send your prescriptions to a charitable pharmacy. Charitable pharmacies provide meds to patients at deep discounts. You can use them even if they are not geographically accessible to you. They can work with a pharmacy near you to get the meds to you. See:…/dispensary-of-hope-charitable-ph…

5. Ask your healthcare provider for medication samples. Medical offices routinely receive samples from drug representatives who are hoping the medical office will prescribe those medications to their patients. All samples have an expiration date. If no one uses them, they go to waste.

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